Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Day 16 --- Focus Group Results -- Philadelphia Travel Show on Sunday.

March 22, 2017:

Focus Group Results --

What our business?

Gosh, comes down to a bit of Darwinism -- Using scoring systems to help both travelers and travel providers make better connections.

Via the Travel Score system selecting and ranking travelers on five basis points:
1)  Status --  Loyalty Status held --- Current status.
2)  Distance -- Miles traveled -- total over lifetime
3)  Duration --  Days on travel in last year.
4)  Coverage -- Countries traveled to, with bonus for circumnavigation
5)  Aspiration -- Simply put our members want to network with people who would consider space tourism, but have a real problemswith couch potatoes who seek staycations.

The scoring system has been recently updated and members are invited to re-apply for to update their scores -- and hint :) -- hint :) don't check "Staycation"for that actually subtracts points from your score.

Rumor is we are going to start asking our top travelers -- those with 90+ scores to be rating the travel providers.. 

Another show and networking on Sunday.  Will go to the Travel & Adventure show in Philadelphia on Sunday.

If you'll be there, please text let me know, and we can meet and nosh.

Or join me in the Cafe Car on Amtrak 164 on the way there that Sunday morning the 26th

Luck be with you.

---Mitchell Davis

P.S.  Oh, and thinking about three upcoming shows:

April 18th  Cruise360
May 2 -- Loyalty Expo
November 17th  Cruise World


The Stats:  235 is today’s score, up from last score of 180
264 Followers on Twitter  -- up 12 from yesterday
15 Participants in linkedin Group. Up 3
2 in Facebook group -- static
18 Travel Score applications -- up 1

Score - 301

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  1. This place is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and stunning. Even though a few halls are equally appealing and fascinating in their decor, food and aesthetics, I'm tempted to still give these NYC venues slight edge.