Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day Eight Blog – Cruising Society.com and @YourTravelScore

Day Eight Blog – CruisingSociety.com  and  @YourTravelScore

Wow, just eight days since that was just a Facebook page.

Today’s follower count is 39 for @YourTravelScore and 59 at @CruisingSociety

The @CruisingSociety page is still marked as private, and viewers have to request permission to follow.

The choice to make it private initially was done as were still in sandbox, but now it seems having that “red rope” up in front of the blog makes it more attractive.

Who knows if I’ll ever take that red rode down, for now it seems sort of intuitive that being private is attractive to the visitors.

….anyways the private account is attracting more followers.

---Mitchell Davis

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