Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day Nine – CruisingSociety & MyTravelUpgrade ,,.

March 15, 2017

Day Nine – CruisingSociety & MyTravelUpgrade ,,.

Wow, nine days ago we were just a Facebook page.  Now today’s twitter counts are 50 and 58.  There are two members of the Facebook and the Linked group with two also.  National Professional Traveler Association.  So today’s networking count is 112.  Oh, and three followers in the NPTA Twitter account.

Tomorrow, I’m going to skip the blog post but assure I’ll have lots of new content for Friday, for I’m off to Ft. Lauderdale for the SeaTrade convention.  See the shows info at:

New participants continue to apply for theirTravelUpate score.  See the opt-in page at  Why not apply today? 

Should you opt-in to get our email newsletter and to get your TravelUpgrade score.
I)  It can help you qualify for reciprocal or upgrade offers -- we'll share where once we know your score.
II) We'll share with you other clubs you may be able to qualify to join.
III) You get bragging rights and can share a link to verify your status.
IV) You can order really cool pins and frameable certificates.
ee the opt-in page at  Why not apply today? 

The linkedin group for NPTA, the National Professional Travelers Association is now live at linkedin.  The group is designed for networking for road warriors.  The big credential to be a member is that you have at least a gold status with your airline. Membership is free if your status is equal or above the 50,000 mile Gold status from United.    

There is breaking trend that status levels are portable between airlines, hotels, and cruise lines.
A)      MSC Cruises now offers “Loyalty Status Match Program” with a simple web interface where you can valid your status with your airline, and immediately earn that status.
B)      There is website that chronicles upgrade and recipricol status portability events, with international cover of airlines, hotel and car rental, but not cruise lines– See that site at: 
I’ll back on Friday to blog on what I find at Seatrade Cruise Global.

Till then happy sailing.

Mitchell P. Davis
Cruising Society

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