Monday, March 13, 2017

Day Seven. ---- Cruising Society -- a"Loyalty Marketing Disintermediation" Business

March 13, 2017

It is the seventh day since we stated the Facebook group page on March 6th.

1)  New information is still coming in --- seems our key market presence can be stated as a "Loyalty Marketing Disintermediation" business.

.   Four interesting items on status matching:

a)   A website called that chronicles hotel, air & car rental matching world wide.  Shows cases approved and denied and has a great charting system that show how a 5 level loyalty program can be matched with a three leve.

b)  USA Today story with the headline:  Fly Guy: How to get an airline elite status match
See it here: 

c)  From The Points Guy:  Hotel Elite Status Match and Challenge Plans for 2016

d)   Wikipedia has a great page that explains Loyalty Marketing

2) There are now 82 follower on our two Twitter accounts:
and  -- and we still have not made that account public -- so far 56 people have requested to follow us.  ...and we may not ever make it public simply to prevent the whole wide world from seeing people who follow us and contacting them.  I've learned over the years that holding your client list close the vest is a careful strategy,

3)   We've received 15 applications for Travel Scores.   See yesterday's post for a review of the first 12: 

4)   Wikipedia has a great page that explains Loyalty Marketing

Look for more news tomorrow as we keep this blog going.

... and we'll soon publish our first weekly newsletter.

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---Mitchell P. Davis, CEO
Cruise Society (tm) -- a Broadcast Interview Source, Inc. company
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P.S. We welcome news items for our soon to be published weekly e-mail newsletter -- News can be sent in two ways:
1)   Via Email with the subject: "News Release"
2)   By fax to (202) 342-5411

P.P.S.  There is Loyalty trade show on May 2 to 4th in Orlando -- here's their conference page:

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