Thursday, March 23, 2017

Loyalty Program News. -- What's this that I signed up for? Day 17

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Loyalty Program News. -- What's this that I signed up for?

Statement of Principles for Loyalty Program News.

Uh, --  What's this that I signed up for anyways? 

Here's what the opt-in question says on the questionnaire from

[__] -  Check here for Loyalty Program News. Opt in to receive our highly focused weekly newsletter (sometimes more often with breaking news) with the latest on how to buy, sell, trade, earn, get, share, give, and receive points in cruise ship loyalty programs worldwide, including which lines are honoring other line’s status points. We will never spam you.

Our goal is to be the "gas in lamp" on this single focused topic of cruise line loyalty programs.  [Yes, now and then we might wander over to hotel & air programs too. ]

What prompted this?

There is a trend that started with the airline alliances that carriers will 'code share' and allow members of one loyalty status program to benefit from another program.
You can see that with the airline programs One World and Star Alliance:
One World key members are shown on their site: https:/ / include American Airlines and British Airways:
Star Alliance key members are shown here: and include Untied, Air Canada, and Air China.

Basically there are two major alliances.

Will cruise ships do the same? 

In some ways there already are two groups --- Those under the Carnival umbrella and those that are not.

According to Wikipedia Carnival controls 21% of the cruise industry with 25 ships under the Carnival flag and another 75 plus ships under nine other lines. There is some very limited reciprocity between lines. The Carnival VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) program does not cross all lines.

There is a trend of cruise lines offering matching loyalty bonus to traveler who switch lines, as shown in the MSC Loyalty Status Match offer -- that's here:

The advent of travel companies doing status match is clearly shown for air, hotel, & car rental at -- site that reports on incidents of travel company accommodations to loyalty matching.

So, will this loyalty match phenomenon grow into cruise line Alliance programs?

That the news story this blog will cover.

More news soon.

Take action today, request your Travel Score and opt-in for our Loyalty Program News email newsletter at

Signing off.

Luck be with you.

Mitchell P. Davis
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