Monday, March 27, 2017

Two biggest take-aways from Philadelphia Travel Show

Take Away #1    You need Travel Insurance 

Peter Greenberg was one of the speakers.

He talked about buying travel insurance and suggested you do not buy it for minor trips, and specially said not to buy form the same place you are buying the ticket, for you will be getting a policy that may protect the seller more than it protect you.

Said the primary thing you should be looking for in travel insurance is Medical Evacuation.

Said the issue is that some policies pay for medical evacuation to the location and doctor of the insurers choice, and you really want to read the fine print to ensue that the evacuation is to your doctor  and under the hospital you want.  Told the story a guy that broke his hip in a fall on the pyramids and ended up paying $80,000 for five first class seats to flown home on a stretcher - for him and one for the nurse.

Then he said he recommends two insurers:
Med Jet Assist
and TravelGuard:

...and went on to say he has been insured for many years with Travel Guard.

Also Mr. Greenburg mentioned Insure My Trip website at as an option to find insurance choices.

Take Away #2   Here's the guy to buy it from, who I met at the show and has a booth.....:

Brandon Hughbanks..-- what a great name for an insurance agent -- RIGHT :)    

No really that's his name ---- his # is 1-402-343-3636  and the website is:

And there is an online form you can shop with.

Here's a screen shot.

---Mitch Davis


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